Byron Bay is renown as one of the country’s best spots for surfing. There are breaks for every type of surfer and we reckon there’s room for everyone. If you are a learner there are some decent surf schools in the area & plenty of places to hire a board. If you’re looking for somewhere gentle to surf, we suggest you keep an eye on conditions, check out some the broken whitewater at Belongil or try in the nook of Clarke’s beach, (park at Captain Cook carpark), where there are some very beginner friendly waves.
If you haven’t surfed for a while & want to get back into it, then we have just the dude. Linton Fafie is a former junior competitive surfer, an all round nice guy and someone who is committed to getting you to surf to the best of your ability. Check him out here: Next Level Surf Coaching
Or maybe you’re ready to rumble & just want to log some time in some of the best surf around. If that’s you, then read on…

Broken Head from Above from David Trewern on Vimeo.

Broken Head lies at the southern end of Tallows beach, protected from the southerlies and is renown as one of the areas top surfing spots. In fact this is where the Byron Bay Boardriders Club chooses to have their annual surf comp – the BK classic. Whilst Byron’s points can be over surfed and crowded, there is always a spare wave to be had at Broken. When it’s really on, the point puts out a long right hander and when the banks line up, there’s some serious barrels to be had – when’s it like this as in the video above, well, you can imagine that word gets out and there’s a few who make the drive. As it’s quite spread out, there are lefts and rights all the way up the 6.5 km of Tallows beach to Cosy Corner – the best spot when the northerlies have blown out everywhere else. Or take the 10 minute headland walk at Broken Head and surf your very own ‘cosy corner’ within the nature reserve. There are a number of small beaches to explore and you can usually find a wave just for yourself at either Bray’s or White’s beach. We suggest you take your wheels to explore the gravel road that goes through the nature reserve so you can hop in & out till you find your spot. Bare in mind that some of these breaks require a fairly steep walk down, (there are steps). At the very end of the gravel road there is the north end of 7 mile beach – again a great spot for when the northerlies have blown out everywhere else. (Or a heck of a place for a fish). It’s a slow, windy 10 minute drive from SeaSpray. Of course if is truly pumping and you’re the confident type, then at the south end of seven mile beach lies the legendary Lennox Head. See vid below.

Lennox Head from David Trewern on Vimeo.

Other Breaks:
Take a trip into Byron and surf the renown Wategos beach – great for long boarders – or The Pass – a superbly protected & extremely consistent right hander – be warned, it’s crowded. For beginners we recommend the nook at Clarke’s Beach – just 5 min walk from Captains Cook car park. Further north along the Bay there is Main beach which often throws up some great shore banks and after the main carpark there is The Wreck – an actual submerged ship, the SS Wollongbar, which can create a great ‘A’ frame but this is for the more experienced surfer. Further north still is the long stretch of Belongil beach – great for hunting out those ever shifting sand banks.

Nature lovers will appreciate the 98 hectare beach front reserve that runs from the Ti-tree lake, (a sacred site for the local Bundjalung people) that flows down to the beach. Further south along a gravel road, you can enjoy the rugged coastline and numerous very private beaches and coves. On Broken Head headland itself, there’s a stunning 1.6km trail where you can view right up and down the coast and see dolphins playing in the waves whilst during migration season, humpbacks can be spotted on their relentless march up and down the eastern seaboard.